2023-2024 Planbook

The purpose of this Planbook is to provide an overview of Section E20’s plans for the remainder of the term. As a Section, it is important that we are as transparent as possible in our conduct. In developing this Planbook, our goal is to package and present our plans in a single location, both professionally and succinctly. 

Section E20 is among the smaller sections in the Eastern Region, both population-wise and geographically, which affords us the greatest possible room for growth. The 2023-2024 Section Leadership Team believes that growth means the insurance of longevity in our practices, programs, and professionalism. 

 Using the Planbook, you can:

      • Understand our goals

      • Meet our officers

      • Find out about this year’s theme

      • Read about our upcoming events

      • Learn about our special programs

      • Submit your photos

      • And more!