Dare To Explore with Section E20!

We are excited to announce our theme for this year: Dare To Explore!

Through our events this year, we are encouraging you to find new ways to express yourself, discover new opportunities, and innovate for your future and that of the OA. To help you achieve these goals, we will be joining you in daring to explore. We will find new and unique ways to bring you the same program. 

Join us first for the FUSE Training Summit on February 25th where we will Forge Unity, Success, and Empowerment. Trainers from across the region will provide lessons that can help engage your leadership skills in the OA, your unit, and outside of scouting. 

To conclude this term, Paugassett Lodge will be hosting Conclave 2024 on June 7 -9th at Ed Strang Scout Reservation. Join us to enjoy the fellowship of arrowmen from across the section with great activities such as patch trading, sports, and inter-lodge competitions to claim the title of Conclave Conqueror! Remember to register early to secure the early bird discount!Tr